Interior Design

Design: Southwestern Mod Girl’s Nursery

I like to geek out on interior design so very much that I am often moved to pull room inspirations together even when it applies to me personally in absolutely NO way. I saw this rug on Urban Outfitter and I just loved it and instantly and thought it could make the perfect centerpiece for a girl’s nursery design. Just some imaginary girl, not mine. No baby. I repeat, no baby. I liked how the soft pinks are contrasted in the rug with grays and black. Pair it with clean lined furniture, geometric shapes and some animal accents, it makes for a girly, but modern room. Since I do enjoy working on these so much for no reason, I might as well start a little series to share them.


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Design: Interior Style

I’m currently working on a little project helping someone concept the look for a new business space. She really liked the minimalistic and clean feel of Charlie’s coffee shop, but I know that she also loves color. So, I wanted to give her a range of options. All of which I’m obsessed with and if I had three houses I would decorate each of them this way. But I don’t. So instead I try to work little pieces of each of these into my home. It sounds like we might do the same for the space as well! Is there a certain interior design trend that you are really digging right now?

Scandanavian Interior Design

Boho Glam Interior Design

Coachella Cool Interior Design