DO: Walk along the canal and see the houseboat rows that will make you feel like you’re in a different country, walk around and stop into the cute boutiques and vintage stores and visit the Fremont Bridge Troll.
EAT: Have lunch at Revel for some yum yum Korean fusion. DRINK: At Milstead and Co. for great coffee and a nice shaded patio. Go to Miir Flagship for a really cool space and delish pastries.

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IMG_3083 IMG_3086

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Ok, this was my favorite day of the trip for me. It’s probably because I took myself furthest out of my comfort zone by hopping onto a water taxi solo, eating lunch and spontaneously biking down the West Seattle coast. West Seattle has such a great beach vibe. It’s much more California then Washington, which was a nice little surprise.

DO: Take the water taxi over to West Seattle. It’s a short little trip, but its a fun way to get there. Rent a bike at the bike shack right off the water taxi (I named it that becuase I don’t remember the actual name, but they had Bob Marley playing and I loved it) and ride along the coast to Alki beach.
EAT: At Ma Kai. It’s also right off the water taxi dock and is a great cheap eats place to sit eat, have a beer and take in the city skyline on the opposite coast.


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I always had a feeling that the Pacific NW was my spirit home and our trip to Seattle pretty much confirmed that indeed it is. A bustling metropolis on the water surrounded by islands, lush forests and mountains. It was perfection. And since we were there for a week, we really got to take it in beyond the obvious tourist stuff. It was our first time leaving Des ever. And guess what? He totally survived and had so much fun with Mimi that he barely noticed were gone. Charlie had all day training sessions for 4 of the 5 days to become tech certified for La Marzocco (espresso machines), so I got to explore on my own, which was new territory for me. It was amazing and surprisingly fulfilling to venture out alone, so I’m really glad I did. Each day was centered around little neighborhoods, so I’ll go ahead and share my highlights for each.



DO: Go to Pike’s Place Market – its cliché, but its amazing and the views are great. Ps. you can basically get a wedding centerpiece of peonies here for $10. That’s what I pay for one peony at the grocery store. Then take the ferry to Bainbridge Island! Such a scenic and relaxing boat ride. Gawk at the mansions along the shoreline and then walk to the little downtown and grab a pastry and a beer. EAT: Brunch at The London Plane in Pioneer Square.

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DO: Walk down to The Locks and through the lovely gardens. Peruse the vintage/record/book stores. EAT: Breakfast at The Fat Hen. OMG it’s so good and I want to live inside because it’s so damn cute. Also eat a banh mi at Monkey Bridge. It’s the best $8 lunch you will ever have. DRINK: The deconstructed latte at Slate Coffee Roasters. You will feel fancy. Walk the neighborhood around Slate too. The houses are adorable and Seattle has the craziest vegetation that I’m obsessed with. Pine trees next to palm trees. Flowers EVERYWHERE. I don’t know how its even a real place.

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WEEKEND RECAP: Benefiting from the Bonus Day!

Weekends are usually 1.5 days long for us because Charlie works a shift at the coffee shop on Saturdays. So when the rare beast that is the three-day weekend graces us with its presence, well it’s kind of wonderful. It means the shop is closed for the holiday and we have a whole legit weekend together as a family. We tried to make the most of it and the beautiful weather. Summer weather is such a strange obsessive thing for people in Cleveland or anywhere that has long winters. It’s almost stressful because you are constantly trying to pack the good-weather days with outdoor activities and you feel guilty for every beautiful minute that gets spent inside. Maybe that’s why I like winter so much. It’s relaxing and cozy and calm. But I digress. Our Saturday was spent surprising Charlie with a 30th birthday dinner filled with good friends and great food at Luxe Kitchen & Lounge. On Sunday we hit up the Hingetown Sunday Market. Ummm, if you haven’t taken a walk around that area then you are missing out. Some of the homes are so magnificent. It really awoke that sleeping giant in me that has a hankering to leave the burbs and renovate a gem in an up and coming neighborhood within the Cleveland City limits. But our yard and our school district and Target within 2 mins bring me back to reality. Sigh. Oh we also thought Desmond was suffering from a case of miserably unhappy child syndrome, but it turns out he has hand, foot and mouth disease. So there’s that.

Birthday Dinner at Luxe Kitchen & Lounge

Birthday Dinner at Luxe Kitchen & Lounge

Take one. I almost like this one better.

Birthday Dinner at Luxe Kitchen & Lounge

Birthday Dinner at Luxe Kitchen & Lounge

Birthday Dinner at Luxe

Nom noming pirogues.

Hingetown Market

Hingetown Market

Hingetown market

This tender moment killed me.

Baby and Cat

Dinners on the patio is one of the best parts of summer!

Dinner on the Patio


Classic eats pretty much sums up this weekend. Hubs was out of town all week on business so Friday night we had a date night and hit up Bar Cento for one of my favorite meals in this good town of Cleveland…the Sunnyside Pizza! Soooo yummy. And since my sugar cravings seem to be amplified in the 3rd trimester, we also had to stop at Sweet Moses on the way home where I got a root beer float and Char got a tin roof sundae. Saturday night we celebrated our friend Tim’s birthday at yet another staple Cleveland food joint – Happy Dog. Preggos can’t eat hotdogs so I gave the vegan sausage a try and it was pretty good. I mean anything is good when you put mac and cheese and chorizo chile on top, right? And who can forget the tots, tots, tots!? Ps. iphone flash gives the worst red-eye! Can’t wait until we get our fancy camera in th next couple weeks!!

Sunnyside Pizza at Bar Cento

Tin Roof at Sweet Moses

Veggie Dog at Happy Dog


Happy Dog Cleveland

Pinball at Happy Dog



This was the absolute most perfect weekend. After a hustle and bustle holiday season filled with lots of friends and family it was so nice to spend some quality time just the hubs and I. On Saturday we left early for a day trip to Pittsburgh. Besides being home to enemy in black and yellow, it’s actually a pretty neat city. The Strip District on the outskirts of downtown really has a Tremont/Ohio City feel to it so it reminded me a lot of Cleveland. We got coffee and donuts, had a really delicious lunch and walked around a bit. It was a cold but sunny day so perfect for exploring the area. After lunch we stopped at Ikea on the way home to see what we could find for the nursery. We came away with two simple pine dressers we are going to have some fun painting and a really near light fixture that I am super excited about! Can’t wait for the room to start coming together!

Drinking Coffee

21st Streeet Cofee

21st Street Coffee

Latte Cappucino

Peace Love Donuts Shop

Peace Love and Little Donuts

Peace Love Donuts

I liked this flying squirrel mural.

Squirrel Mural

Fried Eggplant Benedict

My fried eggplant eggs bendict at Coca Cafe. AMAZING! I highlighy recommend if you’re in the area!

Breakfast Quesadilla

Some pretty branding!

Logo Design