Gimme All The Christmas Trees

We didn’t drag our asses out to a Christmas tree farm, but we did drag them to our local Whole Foods to get one becuase Charlie said they looked “healthier” than the ones at Lowe’s, which is of course what Whole Foods wants you to think about everything they sell. I was pretty excited about this becuase we haven’t had a real tree in several years. I just really wanted Des to experience the whole buying and putting up a real tree thing, plus Charlie spends like 2 hours every year fiddling with the same strand of broken lights on the fake tree and I was over it. We spent a whole Sunday decorating the outside of the house (for the first time!) and the tree. This included 3 separate trips to Target becuase I got exactly half the lights we needed for everything. And while I love the look of classic white lights, if I was a 2.5 year old, I would want colors, so that’s what we did. You only have so many years with the excuse to be tacky. There’s plenty of time to be classy when you’re old.

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree 2



image (2)

Don’t judge our hideous front steps. We thought we could pressure wash the paint of the beautiful natural bricks and instead we made the steps crumble and sprayed lines in the concrete.



HOLIDAY: Christmas Festivities!

We had a wonderful Christmas holiday this year! I am kind of glad it’s over, but it was wonderful none the less. Charlie’s mom was still in town and on Christmas Eve we got all gussied up and went to a family holiday party. Christmas Day was perfectly low-key. We busted out the waffle iron and made waffles with grilled apples and vanilla ice cream then we opened presents. After hanging out in our pjs all day, we made a fancy Christmas dinner of beef tenderloin with blue cheese cream sauce, roasted brussel sprouts with pancetta and a giant potato scallion pancake with sour cream and apple sauce toppings. The holidays were pure perfection and I am sad to be back at work today. We are being hit by a blizzard here in Cleveland so I am so thankful my job affords me the ability to work at home. Brrr, it looks cold out there. Hope you are staying warm!

Man if only this had been a few weeks earlier, it would have made a perfect Christmas card!

My Christmas party look. A little liner and mascara with merry and bright lips. Sephora #44 “Club Scene” A berry red with a little shimmer to it. This is also the longest I’ve spent styling my hair in a looong time.

The Mamaroo – apparently the mac daddy of baby swings and my mother-in-laws proudest purchase of the year by far.

Beef tenderloin and brussel sprouts from Every Day Occasions
Potato scallion pancake from Tyler Florence via Food & Wine

FAMILY: Christmas Brunch

Yesterday Charlie and I hosted his family for a Christmas Brunch. It was quite a success, but a little chaotic having so many people in our humble little house. Once I got past people having their snowy shoes on our Anthropologie living room rug it was quite an enjoyable morning. Which reminds me. I really hate when people say “just wait until you have kids”. Does having kids mean you can’t have nice stuff and you can’t at least try to teach them to treat things nicely? Anyway, we served a breakfast strada with maple sausage, egg and cheese, I made homemade pain au chocolate (when you buy baking chocolate make sure it says semi-sweet and not unsweetened – oops!), fruit salad with a honey-lime dressing and we had a drink bar with Bloody Mary’s, Mimosas and sparkling cider for the pregnant and under age. Sigh. Charlie also set up a coffee bar and made hand brewed coffee for everyone on the Chemex! I think being pregnant is heightening the stress level of the holidays for me. I’ve kind of been a little monster and I’d like to take a moment to apologize to my husband and thank him for his patience. Love you! Hope everyone is having a calm and happy holiday! 🙂