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Obligatory Fall Post

We haven’t gone to a pumpkin patch yet, so I consider myself only a semi basic bitch with this post. We are pretty lucky to live 3 mins away from the metro parks. The Mastic Picnic Area is one of the best places to visit on a brisk fall day. The park is drenched with sunlight, there’s a playground, and the trail around the park has little beaten paths all along it that lead you down to the banks of the river. And if that doesn’t have photo opp written all over it, well…Fall is so short-lived here that I find myself panicking if we don’t get in a good handful of these mini adventures that give us the opportunity to breathe it all in and then hold our breaths for as long as we can.

Cleveland Metro Parks

Cleveland Metro Parks

Cleveland Metro Parks

Cleveland Metro Parks

Cleveland Metro Parks

Cleveland Metro ParksCleveland Metro Parks
Cleveland Metro Parks

Cleveland Metroparks


REAL LIFE: Growing Friendships

Even though I went to college in Florida (Go Gators!), I am lucky to have Audra, my college roommate and one of my best friends, just 2 hours away in Columbus. When Charlie and I were dating, we always joked that she needed to find a good Ohio boy, and well, she did! We are also lucky enough to have boys just 6 months apart. Her and Greyson came up for an overnight visit and it was the first time the boys really spent quality time together being old enough to actually have fun with each other. And they did. I don’t know why, but I was so surprised. Desmond is usually shy and tends to just play around, but not really with other kids. At least away from school, anyway. These guys had such an instant connection though. We took them to the zoo in the late afternoon (which by the way is the best time to go in my opinion) and they were like two peas in a pod. Giggling, following each other around, holding hands. It made my heart so happy to see this little friendship budding. I can’t wait to continue watching it grow.

Ok, it took a few minutes for Des to wake up after his car nap…what a curmudgeon.







Grey has 6 months on Des and at least 6 inches.




While I do consider myself part of the winter loving minority, it is a somewhat of a double-edged sword. Why? because it also brings upon me one of my greatest motherhood challenges to date. Keeping a toddler entertained indoors. QT with my little bear is my favorite, but spending the whole day cooped up in the house while your husband works Saturdays is not my favorite. I actually experience guilt if we don’t leave the house. Sooo, I’m really trying my best on the weekends to no stay in my pajamas and do laundry while Desmond switches between playing trains, watching Elmo, eating snacks and getting into trouble because he’s bored. I’ve made some progress in baby steps with outings close to home like the Rainforest, the library and the Rocky River Nature Center. But I need to expand our horizons. I want to be the cool mom that takes my toddler to interesting places and instills a sense of culture early on. But I’m also kind of lazy. So consider this my official challenge to myself to explore something different every weekend. Gotta get out there an actually live the city, not just be in it. Here we go, who’s with me?

Weekends out….

Cleveland Metro Parks Nature Center

Breakfast at Jack Flaps Cleveland

Ok, I guess weekends in don’t look that bad either.

Watching Elmo

Playing Piano Playing with plants Playing_Trains

AROUND TOWN: Falling at Platform Brewhouse

The leaves are changing and this family is pumped to be falling it up. An overcast and crisp morning is the perfect day to make visit the hubs at Platform Beer Co‘s Saturday brunch. He’s taking Pour Cleveland on the road every Saturday with a pour-over pop up at Platform. Little Bear was a bit of a menace and insisted on continually running out of the open front door. I ordered him a farm fresh omelet that he took a few bites out of. I was going to get myself some brunch and beer, but his misbehaving forced me into an early exit. On a side note, I ended up feeling really guilty about holding my hunger against him. When we went home he took a 3 hour nap from which I had to wake him. Except he wouldn’t really wake up because he was in an almost 104 fever comma. An ER visit, ear infection diagnosis and some Motrin and antibiotics later, he was himself again. But, man is that scary seeing your baby like that. It was a long day, so thank goodness Charlie brought home two growlers to help us unwind. Hope you’re getting to embrace the first real fall days with less stressful endeavors!


Platform Beer Co., Cleveland

Platform Beer Co.

Platform Beer Co.

Platform Beer Co.

Fall Boots

Platform Beer Co. Growlers


Sunday afternoons can get a little tense at our house after the Browns game if you know what I mean. So, I thought it would be good for us to all get some fresh air and tire little bear out since he was bouncing off the walls. We usually go to Linden Park or Rocky River Park, but I had forgotten about South Mastick Park just past Puritas in the Rocky River Reservation. We had taken a walk there one fall and I completely forgot they had a playground and swings there. Plus its a 3 minute drive from our house. It’s a nice big park with open fields for Des to run around in. After going down the slide about 100 times we ventured down by the river and he was none to pleased that I wouldn’t just let him keep walking right into it. It was overcast, cool and windy, which is kind of my dream day. I can’t wait to take more walks down here when the leaves start to change. It’s officially added into my park rotation.

Little Boy at River

Family at River

Family at River

Family at Park

Little Boy at River

Mom & Son at Park

Rocky River Reservation

AROUND TOWN: The Cleveland Flea

I typically shy away from venturing to unfamiliar places on my own. I don’t like driving somewhere I’ve never been and the possibility of having to parallel park kind of terrifies me. So, I don’t really know what came over me when I decided to go to the Cleveland Flea on Saturday all by my lonesome with the baby. So so glad I did though. We had a wonderful time. So many amazing talented vendors ranging from woodworkers, t-shirt makers, vintage collectors and the list goes on and on. There was a double-wide booth of mid-century modern furniture that had me all googly-eyed. I’m pretty proud of us and our little adventure. It included parking on the street in the East 55th area and changing Desmond’s diaper in the trunk in front of a barb-wired scrap yard. #SoUrban

Fried plantains and ice cream is a perfectly acceptable lunch.

The Cleveland Flea

Ok, who took all the furniture from my dream home and put it at The Flea?

Cleveland Flea

Loved the reggae vibe of this band, 28 North.

The Cleveland Flea

Strangers kept handing me Desmond’s socks.

The Cleveland Flea

My finds. A vintage 60’s tray ($10) and a cow creamer ($8), which I’ve been wanting forever!

Flea Market Finds