Detroit: You Aint So Bad

This post is a bit late because this road trip happened New Year’s weekend, but I still wanted to do it because we LOVED Detroit. Taking little impromptu day or overnight trips is one of our favorite ways to really disconnect from the stresses of everyday life and spend some quality time together as a family. We have done Pittsburgh a few times and Columbus, but this was our first venture to Detroit. I didn’t know what to expect really based on the reputation the city has, but being a Clevelander I know all about unfair reputations, so I was ready to give the Motor City the benefit of the doubt. And…it did not disappoint. We were there less than 24 hours total but we had a great time. We rented a beautiful Air B&B apartment in the hip little neighborhood of Corktown. Only downfall was sharing a full size bed with a 2 year old. I woke up once during the 3 hours of sleep I got with my head on the floor, no joke. We mostly ate and went to coffee shops, which is the best part of traveling anyway, right? Although we didn’t spend much time in the heart of Downtown it looked beautiful and clean. I would love to go back in the summer and walk around more. Detroit reminds me very of much of Cleveland like 10 years ago. The surrounding neighborhoods are starting to gentrify, but still have a way to go before they catch up to the growth we’ve seen from areas in Cleveland like Tremont, Ohio City, Gordon Square and so on. All in all, I definitely want to go back. It’s an easy drive and a great little get-a-way.

Where we ate:
Ottava Via  (The truffle butter pasta is a MUST!)
Gold Cash Gold (This is the hip brunch place, but my food was meh. Maybe I just didn’t order well.)

Where we drank:
Astro Coffee (The wall murals and plant life will have you swooning.)
Anthology Coffee (The open bar concept is pretty neat. You can stand next to the barista while he makes your coffee.)


Corktown Apartment Air B&B


Ottava Via Detroit

Gold Cash Gold Detroit

Gold Cash Gold, Detroit

Astro Coffee, Detroit

Anthology Coffee, Detroit

Anthology Coffee, Detroit


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