Gimme All The Christmas Trees

We didn’t drag our asses out to a Christmas tree farm, but we did drag them to our local Whole Foods to get one becuase Charlie said they looked “healthier” than the ones at Lowe’s, which is of course what Whole Foods wants you to think about everything they sell. I was pretty excited about this becuase we haven’t had a real tree in several years. I just really wanted Des to experience the whole buying and putting up a real tree thing, plus Charlie spends like 2 hours every year fiddling with the same strand of broken lights on the fake tree and I was over it. We spent a whole Sunday decorating the outside of the house (for the first time!) and the tree. This included 3 separate trips to Target becuase I got exactly half the lights we needed for everything. And while I love the look of classic white lights, if I was a 2.5 year old, I would want colors, so that’s what we did. You only have so many years with the excuse to be tacky. There’s plenty of time to be classy when you’re old.

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree 2



image (2)

Don’t judge our hideous front steps. We thought we could pressure wash the paint of the beautiful natural bricks and instead we made the steps crumble and sprayed lines in the concrete.



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