STYLE: A Very Pinteresting Shopping Strategy

So, I don’t know about you, but I pin a lot of “looks” I love, but then I never really make an effort to recreate them or use them for outfit inspiration. It’s been a few years since I’ve done a good spring/summer shopping, so I decided it was time. But what should I get? What do I need? So often do I end up buying stuff I have nothing to wear with and it just sits in my closet. It was the perfect opportunity to actually utilize my Pinterest summer style board. Over a couple of months I started to pin away and I was noticing some really strong trends within my board. I also noticed that a lot of the outfits were different combinations of a few key themes. So, I summarized those themes and used that as my guide start focusing in my shopping. Game. Changer. I feel so good about the shopping I’ve done so far. Honing in on versatile staple pieces gives me so many combo options. While a spontaneous “I love this and have to have it even though I don’t know when I’d ever wear it” is still totally allowed, I think I’ve forever changed how I will approach my seasonal shopping.

Favorite Looks from My Board:


[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

Here’s what my board was telling me I’m pretty jazzed about in general:

  • Denim/Chambray – jackets/tops/vests/dresses (I’m cuckoo for all of it)
  • Black and white stripes
  • Black Leather
  • Sophisticated floral prints with black backgrounds
  • Boho maxi dresses
  • Overalls – though I’m 99% sure I cannot pull them off
  • Ripped jeans – I love ripped jean shorts, but mama just doesn’t have the thighs (I tried) so ripped knees is the goal here
  • Neutral tan and black shoes – clogs, strappy sandals, Birks
  • Hats – Wide brim fedoras in particular

Here’s a few examples of my Pinsperation becoming reality. Chambray – check! Ripped black jeans – check! Wide brim fedora – check! Even though Des is the only one who’s worn it so far. Stripes – check! Neutral sandals – check! Vegan leather moto jacket on clearance from Target with built-in sweatshirt hood!! – check! check!


Tell me what trends you’re feeling for summer? I wanna know!!


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