While I do consider myself part of the winter loving minority, it is a somewhat of a double-edged sword. Why? because it also brings upon me one of my greatest motherhood challenges to date. Keeping a toddler entertained indoors. QT with my little bear is my favorite, but spending the whole day cooped up in the house while your husband works Saturdays is not my favorite. I actually experience guilt if we don’t leave the house. Sooo, I’m really trying my best on the weekends to no stay in my pajamas and do laundry while Desmond switches between playing trains, watching Elmo, eating snacks and getting into trouble because he’s bored. I’ve made some progress in baby steps with outings close to home like the Rainforest, the library and the Rocky River Nature Center. But I need to expand our horizons. I want to be the cool mom that takes my toddler to interesting places and instills a sense of culture early on. But I’m also kind of lazy. So consider this my official challenge to myself to explore something different every weekend. Gotta get out there an actually live the city, not just be in it. Here we go, who’s with me?

Weekends out….

Cleveland Metro Parks Nature Center

Breakfast at Jack Flaps Cleveland

Ok, I guess weekends in don’t look that bad either.

Watching Elmo

Playing Piano Playing with plants Playing_Trains

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