HOME: Bedroom Redo Inspiration

To say that we are aiming to redo our bedroom isn’t really fair because we never really did it. I mean when moved in we painted the walls to match a comforter that is 5 years old now and not really our style anymore. And we hung some curtains that we are planning to move to the guest room. We did buy an amazing mid-century set of night stands and dressers off Craiglist for a real steal, which is the only thing that would stay. Although I was pushing for a minimalist look with white walls, my husband is a big fan of dark bedroom walls for some reason. Our son’s nursery is a deep blue that he picked out and I do love it. So we agreed on a deep emerald-green shade and went from there. I like how gray and yellow would compliment the wall color without being too loud. A mix of brass and textured accents would make the room feel warm and cozy, which is something it’s really lacking. I’ve been dreaming about brass gumball sconces handing over the night stands. And I love that Minted is now a great source for independent artwork. Me and that beautiful bull…i think we could really be great friends. So, now we have the vision and it’s time to start painting and curating. But first, we have to find the time!

Master Bedroom Inspiration Board

[Sources] Curtains // Bed // Duvet // Sconce // Fur Throw // Basket // Planter // Skull Candle // Bull Print


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