WEEKEND: Sitting in Chairs

I guess when one finally gets big enough to climb up on a chair, one will continually do so all day long. I didn’t realize this until I noticed that 75% of my pics from the weekend are of Desmond sitting in chairs. Rocking chairs, swivel chairs, arm chairs – he doesn’t discriminate. We did our swiveling in the lobby of the renovated Westin. Wow! What a beautiful hotel. I see an adults only overnight staycation in our future very soon. We rocked at Urban Farmer where we had possibly one the best brunches ever. I mean it. Try the sirloin eggs benedict and the chicken cherry sausage. We got out arm-chair on at home. Crawling on and off is a popular activity in our living room currently and sometimes we fall on our head. Boys will be boys I guess. And that’s what Desmond is now. A little boy. All of a sudden my baby is gone, just like that. But, I’m so excited to watch him blossom into a tiny human and see his personality continue to develop. His brain is a little sponge right now. I was reading him a number book the other night and when I turned the page from 8 his little voice shouted “nine” out of nowhere. What? I’ve never heard you say a number in your life, but you know nine comes after eight. Child, you blow my mind every day.

Urban Farmer Cleveland

Westin ClevelandOh yea, we also stopped at Daddy’s shop. Pour Cleveland Coffee

Pour Over Coffee Cleveland

Do you see my sophisticated book collection in the background? ->  Harry Potter, Twilight & Hunger Games.

Mid Century Modern Arm Chair

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