AROUND TOWN: Falling at Platform Brewhouse

The leaves are changing and this family is pumped to be falling it up. An overcast and crisp morning is the perfect day to make visit the hubs at Platform Beer Co‘s Saturday brunch. He’s taking Pour Cleveland on the road every Saturday with a pour-over pop up at Platform. Little Bear was a bit of a menace and insisted on continually running out of the open front door. I ordered him a farm fresh omelet that he took a few bites out of. I was going to get myself some brunch and beer, but his misbehaving forced me into an early exit. On a side note, I ended up feeling really guilty about holding my hunger against him. When we went home he took a 3 hour nap from which I had to wake him. Except he wouldn’t really wake up because he was in an almost 104 fever comma. An ER visit, ear infection diagnosis and some Motrin and antibiotics later, he was himself again. But, man is that scary seeing your baby like that. It was a long day, so thank goodness Charlie brought home two growlers to help us unwind. Hope you’re getting to embrace the first real fall days with less stressful endeavors!


Platform Beer Co., Cleveland

Platform Beer Co.

Platform Beer Co.

Platform Beer Co.

Fall Boots

Platform Beer Co. Growlers


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