Oh, man this weekend was HOT. And not in the good way, so come at me fall! But, it was still a good one. I ventured out to the flea with my MIL and my brave and beautiful friend with her twin girls. That of course made me realize that no matter what a pain in the butt Des is being, there is still only one of him. Bless her soul! It was so packed and so hot that I didn’t really do any treasure hunting, but we sure did eat a lot. On Sunday we family picnicked it up while Charlie hung out with Lance Bass at the coffee shop. 8th grade me was so jeal.

There was that time a crazy lady insisted on taking this picture because I’m pretty sure she thought we were a family. Let’s thank the Gay Games for that one.
The Cleveland Flea

These girls. I mean, come on!

The Cleveland Flea

The Cleveland Flea

The Cleveland Flea

Hibiscus Bubble Tea from Forty.One.

Almond Milk Bubble Tea at the Cleveland Flea

The Cleveland Flea

 Honeydew Hibiscus Popsicle from Chill Pop Shop (Yea I guess hibiscus is hot right now. PS this popsicle was amazeballs. He ate the whole thing.)

Chillpop Popsicle at the Cleveland Flea

Salted Caramel Peanut Choc Chip Cookie (I think?) from Meringue.

Meringue Bakeshop Cookie at the Cleveland Flea

And we also took the baby pool out for its maiden voyage at the family picnic. It was well received.

Baby Pool

Baby Pool

Baby Pool



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