CELEBRATE: My Not So Significant Birthday

After celebrating Charlie’s birthday the weekend prior, I didn’t really care if we ended up having a quiet night at home for mine. 30>29 after all and a babysitter two Saturday’s in a row is just cray cray. Buuuut, the day ended up working out just so that we were due for an early dinner. And early dinners are baby friendly. It ended up the perfect little night. I even put heels on for it. We hit up SOHO for dinner on the patio. Reminder to self – post preggo & nursing you can only handle one cocktail. ONE. How convenient that the newly opened Ohio City Mitchell’s was right next door for some dessert too! Big shout out to my two favorite guys for making me feel so luck. Oh, I almost forgot, Fresh Brewed Tees had their trucked parked outside of Town Hall after dinner, so that picture at the bottom is result of how that ended.

Dinner at SOHO Cleveland

West 25th St. Cleveland

Micthcell's Ice Cream Cleveland

Johnny Football Tee



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