WEEKEND RECAP: Benefiting from the Bonus Day!

Weekends are usually 1.5 days long for us because Charlie works a shift at the coffee shop on Saturdays. So when the rare beast that is the three-day weekend graces us with its presence, well it’s kind of wonderful. It means the shop is closed for the holiday and we have a whole legit weekend together as a family. We tried to make the most of it and the beautiful weather. Summer weather is such a strange obsessive thing for people in Cleveland or anywhere that has long winters. It’s almost stressful because you are constantly trying to pack the good-weather days with outdoor activities and you feel guilty for every beautiful minute that gets spent inside. Maybe that’s why I like winter so much. It’s relaxing and cozy and calm. But I digress. Our Saturday was spent surprising Charlie with a 30th birthday dinner filled with good friends and great food at Luxe Kitchen & Lounge. On Sunday we hit up the Hingetown Sunday Market. Ummm, if you haven’t taken a walk around that area then you are missing out. Some of the homes are so magnificent. It really awoke that sleeping giant in me that has a hankering to leave the burbs and renovate a gem in an up and coming neighborhood within the Cleveland City limits. But our yard and our school district and Target within 2 mins bring me back to reality. Sigh. Oh we also thought Desmond was suffering from a case of miserably unhappy child syndrome, but it turns out he has hand, foot and mouth disease. So there’s that.

Birthday Dinner at Luxe Kitchen & Lounge

Birthday Dinner at Luxe Kitchen & Lounge

Take one. I almost like this one better.

Birthday Dinner at Luxe Kitchen & Lounge

Birthday Dinner at Luxe Kitchen & Lounge

Birthday Dinner at Luxe

Nom noming pirogues.

Hingetown Market

Hingetown Market

Hingetown market

This tender moment killed me.

Baby and Cat

Dinners on the patio is one of the best parts of summer!

Dinner on the Patio



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