HOME: Living Room Wish List Round-Up

My next priority in the house is to change the fact that our living room looks like we moved in last month. We have some good core furniture pieces, but it needs accessories stat. The room is an eclectic mix of pastels, brights and neutrals. Since the color palette is on the softer more fem side, I’m drawn toward more structured accessories to create some balance. Objects/patterns with angles or geometric shapes dominate my current wish list. I think the best way to get the house decorated is to focus on building out one room at a time. We really should have planted a money tree when we moved it. That would make the decorating process go a lot faster.

Living Room Wish List

Shop Sources: 1. Land of Nod/ 2.Urban Outfitters/ 3. Society 6/ 4. Land of Nod/ 5. Brittany Bass/ 6. White Faux Taxidermy/ 7&8. 5C Home Décor/ 9. West Elm/ 10. Orwa Designs/ 11&12. Ferm Living/ 13. Urban Outfitters/ 14. Ferm Living


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