AROUND TOWN: The Cleveland Flea

I typically shy away from venturing to unfamiliar places on my own. I don’t like driving somewhere I’ve never been and the possibility of having to parallel park kind of terrifies me. So, I don’t really know what came over me when I decided to go to the Cleveland Flea on Saturday all by my lonesome with the baby. So so glad I did though. We had a wonderful time. So many amazing talented vendors ranging from woodworkers, t-shirt makers, vintage collectors and the list goes on and on. There was a double-wide booth of mid-century modern furniture that had me all googly-eyed. I’m pretty proud of us and our little adventure. It included parking on the street in the East 55th area and changing Desmond’s diaper in the trunk in front of a barb-wired scrap yard. #SoUrban

Fried plantains and ice cream is a perfectly acceptable lunch.

The Cleveland Flea

Ok, who took all the furniture from my dream home and put it at The Flea?

Cleveland Flea

Loved the reggae vibe of this band, 28 North.

The Cleveland Flea

Strangers kept handing me Desmond’s socks.

The Cleveland Flea

My finds. A vintage 60’s tray ($10) and a cow creamer ($8), which I’ve been wanting forever!

Flea Market Finds



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