OBSESSED: House Plants

You guys. When did house plants become so in? The term house plants used to conjure up a really bad image for me of a sad ugly plant that you get if you are unfortunate enough to end up in the hospital for some reason. Well, thanks a lot Pinterest because now I am house plant bananas. I want to put them on every shelf, in every corner, hanging on the walls. I want succulents and oxtails and a fiddle leaf fig tree. I’m out of control. So far, I’ve only actually pulled together 4 little pots around the kitchen window, but it’s like crack. We are going to Petitti’s this weekend to look for some stuff for the coffee shop, but I have my own agenda. Charlie, brace yourself.

Lowe’s had a semi decent selection of tiny plants to choose from:
Plant Shopping

I got these little pots at Catan’s for like $2.50 each:

House Plants

And here is my dream wishlist of how I’d like to use plants around the house:

Plants hangingplants hangingplant Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree House Plants

[Photo Credits: Fireplace, Hanging Planters, Diamond Planter, Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, Bullet Planter – Urban Outfitter, but Sold Out]


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