WEEKEND RECAP: Labor Day Weekend

This post is so late, I know. Balancing work and a baby makes it so hard to blog in a timely manner. Wah Wah Wah. I know, I’m whining. So…Labor Day weekend. We had all sorts of grand plans and then the whole family got sick causing us to cancel a cook-out we had all the food for already. There were lots of babies coming that I just couldn’t risk getting sick. And Desmond was a congested little crabby monster. We still tried to make the best of it with some quality relaxation time. We even forced ourselves out of the house for Labor Day brunch at Lucky’s café in Tremont. Food is amazeballs, but whaaaaat the heck with the service there. Slow, slow, slow! Oh and there was also a milestone. Desmond tried cereal for the first time and he’s been eating it like a champ ever since. I mean look at him. Was there ever a question he’d be a good eater?

Dad and Des

Des Eats Cereal

Family at Brunch

Des at Brunch

Des in Bouncer

Bath Time


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