Classic eats pretty much sums up this weekend. Hubs was out of town all week on business so Friday night we had a date night and hit up Bar Cento for one of my favorite meals in this good town of Cleveland…the Sunnyside Pizza! Soooo yummy. And since my sugar cravings seem to be amplified in the 3rd trimester, we also had to stop at Sweet Moses on the way home where I got a root beer float and Char got a tin roof sundae. Saturday night we celebrated our friend Tim’s birthday at yet another staple Cleveland food joint – Happy Dog. Preggos can’t eat hotdogs so I gave the vegan sausage a try and it was pretty good. I mean anything is good when you put mac and cheese and chorizo chile on top, right? And who can forget the tots, tots, tots!? Ps. iphone flash gives the worst red-eye! Can’t wait until we get our fancy camera in th next couple weeks!!

Sunnyside Pizza at Bar Cento

Tin Roof at Sweet Moses

Veggie Dog at Happy Dog


Happy Dog Cleveland

Pinball at Happy Dog



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