Perhaps it’s the nesting phase, but there are a lot of projects around the house I want to get done before the baby comes. 

PROJECT 1: The Credenza

We bought this vintage Broyhil credenza from their 70 Forward Collection off of Craig’s List for $90. My hustler of a husband was able to negotiate it down a whopping $10 from the asking price! The mid-century lines are beautiful but the top is in bad shape from water damage and there are a few nicks here and there. We have never refinished a piece of furniture so this will be our first. We want to strip off the old finish and restain it. I know it’s going to be a pain in the you know what. I keep googling how to refinish furniture like I’ll magically find an easy way out. I think it will be fun and rewarding though. We want to modernize it just slightly with a walnut stain but keeping some of the grain showing through. The original color is sorta growing on me too as its classic mid-century modern. Decisions, decisions!

Vintage Credenza

PROJECT 2: Stairway/Hallway

So the next thing we need to tackle downstairs/upstairs from a painting perpsective is the stairway/upstairs hall. The wood trim is a tricky color in our house. Neutrals kind of look drab next to it and bold colors are too dark. I’ve found that soft cool colors look surprising well with it. Hence the ice cube blue we went with in the living room. It’s almost more of a hue than a color. It’s there, but its not offensive at all. I toyed with some different options but kept coming back to pink. A wall color I have recently fallen in love with after thinking for a long time that it was reserved to nurseries and little girl’s room. It really can be quite chic. I love the combination of pink, yellow, black and white with gold accents. We found a shade that has a similar soft cool quality to the living room color – Baer’s Ballerina Gown. Some people may seriously doubt that it’s going to work, but I have faith in my vision and the hubby’s buy in. I’m not one to be afraid of color so I say let’s do it. Now we just need to do it. Some patchwork on the walls is holding us up. I’ll keep lighting the fire under Charlie’s cute buns to get someone in here stat! Before I chicken out!


Pink Walls

1) Pink Nursery Wall  2) Pink Dining Room 3) Pink Bathroom


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