WEEKEND RECAP: Nashville Roadtrip

Driving 8 and half hours to try some coffee sound crazy? It is. But that’s what you do when your husband is passionate about something. At least on the way there we broke up the drive and stopped in Oxford for the night – Charlie’s college stomping grounds. We got crazy with the college kids – not really we just got some Skyline and ate it in the hotel room and Charlie drank wine out of a paper cup. We had a fun Saturday in Nashville. Charlie finally got to visit Barista Parlor – which he has been talking about forever. I must say it was probably the sweetest coffee shop I’ve ever been in. It’s an old garage and has a super cool vibe. Charlie ordered a siphon brew which is like an $8 cup of coffee that’s brewed like mad scientist experiment. I went with a Tennessee Bourbon Caramel latte. Delicious! We also hit up another coffee shop that afternoon – Crema. It was good, but the interior wasn’t as cool. For dinner we hit up Germantown Cafe and had a nice little date night. It happened to be restaurant week so our meal was much cheaper than it would have been otherwise. On the drive back Sunday I diagnosed myself with shingles (a rare kind with no rash) and my doctor validated my symptoms. I had shingles when I was 16 so I recognized the pain. I am now on meds that I take 5X a day to weaken the virus so it doesn’t hurt that tiny human growing in my belly. Hope you had a fun weekend too and if you’re in Cleveland stay safe and warm this week!

Oxford, Ohio


siphon brew

Barista Parlor, Nashville


Barista Parlor Nashville

In Nashville the coffee hipsters ride motorcyles.


Barista Parlor

Crema, Nashville

Coffee at Crema

Nashville Skyline

Date Night in Nashville


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