WEEKEND RECAP: Have Your Cake and Eat it Too!

A little late, but better late than never. The much needed long weekend was a good one. Got some cleaning done around the house and spent most of the weekend baking the most ridiculous cake ever, which I will get into a minute. But Friday night we had a fun double date with Kristin and Tim at Black Pig. Kristin and I split the cheese plate as an appetizer while the boys finished some drinks at Nano Brew. The cheese plate was an A+. I also kicked off the on-set of September with a Southern Tier Pumking Ale which was amazing! I had the croque madame for dinner which was pretty good, but I wouldn’t order it again. Bread to filling ratio was not to my liking. The rooftop patio was a keeper though! Oh yea and we stopped at Sweet Moses on the way home of course 🙂


So now this silly Ultimate S’mores cake. I pinned this cake a while back, but the recipe can be found here. I kinda had the nagging feeling that if I made this cake I would feel like I really accomplished something. So with the long weekend and a family dinner on Monday I decided to give it a go. First I baked the brownie and cookie layers on Saturday, then I baked the cheesecake layers on Sunday as well as made the marshmallow and chocolate buttercreams. Then I assembled the cake Sunday night so it could be refrigerated over night. Was it easy to cut? No! But did it taste good? You betcha. I had mine with a glass of milk (with ice like I like it).



  1. 1. i love that pic of tim and i, can you email it to me?2. you are so pretty in the pic with c!3. your cake skills are amazing4. MAGGIE, YOU PUT ICE IN YOUR MILK?? EW! NOW I KNOW WHY YOU AND TIM GET ALONG SO WELL!!!

  2. OMG I just started typing a numbered list and noted my lovely sister already did that. however, i really love your hair color. i want to go back to my natural. maybe have kristin text me a photo of your hair so i can copy the color, please? also, sorry i'm not sorry that i stalk your blog. oh and now i'll have to stalk your pinterest for the link to that cake!!! yum

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