FUN WITH FRIENDS: Sunday Brunch!

We spent all day on Saturday cleaning the house, so the highlight of our weekend was Sunday brunch with our good friends Kristin & Tim. Since I still had a pie crust left from last weekend I made another quiche, but vegetarian this time for Kristin. It was good but to quote Tim, “Italian suasage would have really put it over the edge”. Womp womp. We also indulged in some strawberry donut hole skewers, chamapagn and proseco. It was delightful company and I love a good brunch! But on a more depressing note, I seem to have lost the ability to put any pressure on my left foot. I think this injury is a result of doing Insanity barefoot. Yes, I’m an idiot. Trying to see an Ortho tomorrow for diagnosis. Waaaah.


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