OBSESSED: My Summer Style Must Haves!

So these are the things I am wearing A LOT of right now…

STRIPES! It’s unhealthy really. I’m embarassed to say a few things were in the laundry too. Stripes being a style craze this summer makes me a happy little clam. Black and white stripes paired with something bright/neon or bright stipes paired with navy or black are the looks I am really drawn to. Don’t belive me? The proof is in the Pinterest board ladies!

FLAT SANDALS! It’s over 100 degrees in Cleveland right now and the last thing I want to do is strut around in heels all day. Flat sandals are my favorite becuase they are so versatile – they can be dressed up or dressed down. They look effortless but we know you tried becuase you’re not wearing flip flops. Oh and I am also proud to say that not one single pair of these sandals cost me more than $20. Oh hey Target, hey Marshalls!

Another shameless shout out to Target becuase thier boyfriend pocket tees are a summer essential! Calm down Kristin, I am giving you your credit right now. My friend Kristin turned me on to these bad boys. They come in tons of really fun colors and the price is right. $8 is not a big committment to try this summer’s neon trend! And sometimes they are on sale for $6 – I know, well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle right?


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