DIY: Rustoleum!

Tarnished rusted metal objects plaguing your home? Don’t throw them away. Spray paint them! Rustoleum spray paint has become our new best friend. When we first moved in we painted some silver light fixtures in the kitchen so they matched the oiled bronze hardware we put on the cabinets. Then we had our bathroom remodeled and could not find a medicine cabinet with the same charm as the vintage one in there – so we refinished that inside and out. Then the thing that was bugging me the most – the hideous mailbox on the front of the house, which can not be replaced until we paint said house because the mailbox has made scratch marks behind it. We sanded it down with some rough paper, wiped it down, then applied two coats of hunter green Rustoleum. If you want you can also use a primer first, which we did for the medicine cabinet, but not the mailbox. Honestly its like magic the way it makes things look new again! P.S. Shout out to the husband for doing most of the leg work on this project.

                   BEFORE:                                                                    AFTER:


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