Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Saying that becoming a mother has changed me is a gross understatement. It’s completely changed me in ways I really didn’t expect. My husband loves to point them all out, because even sometimes he’s just in disbelief. Before having Desmond I was very easily flustered by stressful situations. I’m a planner by nature and if something didn’t go as I imagined it, well I could be known to have a melt down that could rival any two year old. Like if I got lost driving somewhere new, I would pretty much call Charlie in tears and make his problem to get me un-lost. Or if I couldn’t find something to wear in the morning, I would stomp around my closet saying I have no clothes, when that’s obviously not true. But now? Well, having a baby is like someone forcing a chill pill down your throat every single day. Your universe shifts and suddenly you have a new perspective on pretty much everything. Things that you thought were so important become afterthoughts. You are put into challenging situations on a daily basis and you have to put up or get out. Except it’s not really a choice. You have to put up. This new version of myself got tested on Saturday morning, big time. I finally got to take Des to the Cleveland Museum of Art for what I pictured to be a blissful and culture filled morning where we would bond and snap photos with the good camera in the light flooded atrium. What really happened? Twenty minutes into playing in the kids area, he blew out his diaper. Poop up to his neck, I’m not kidding. I meant to bring extra clothes because I knew his antibiotics was giving him stomach troubles, but for sure I would forget them on this particular day. Ok, not going to panic. Let’s just walk calmly to the restroom past all this fine art and hope no one smells you. Ok, now please stop jumping up and down so I can get this shirt off without getting poop in your hair. What? I only have three baby wipes? Ok, cool let’s wet some paper towels real quick. Now lets rinse out the top of your jeans and this zip up jacket is going to look awesome with out a shirt on underneath. Why is it so hot in this bathroom? Is this cardigan wool? I’m breaking a sweat. Can you stand in this stall with me while I pee? Oh, ok go ahead and lay on the floor, that’s super. We should probably just go home. No, F-It, we paid $8 for parking. We are going to play in the atrium and eat lunch at the café. Well actually I am going to eat both of our lunches and you’re just going to eat pretzels. I don’t even recognize myself right now. I guess when you become a mother, you are forced to realize that shit happens, but it doesn’t have to ruin your day.

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Art Museum

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Tiny Human Style: Embrace the Velcro

It’s quite possibly just my ineptitude, but to this day it’s been physically impossible to get any shoe that is not a low-cut velcro sneaker onto my son’s feet. Did you just shutter at the word velcro? I was like you once. Until chubby little feet with curled up toes forced to me to open my mind up. Anything can be stylish if done right, right? And so it turns out, I must not be the only mama fighting this fight because there are TONS of cute velcro sneaks out there. Here are some of my favorites! Des is currently rocking the converse in light gray and we love ’em, but I’m thinking we need the blue ones for summer. And those tiger sneaks from H&M…do they come in my size?


[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

On the Road Again

It’s been a loooong time since we’ve done any roadtripping. Why? Becuase once you say good-bye to the guaranteed to sleep in the car seat the whole way phase, the thought of the being trapped in a car with a toddler for any extended period of time phase is terrifying. Columbus seemed like a fairly safe destination to dip our toes back in the water. Not too far and somewhat familiar. Plus one my best friends lives there, plus we’ve been dying to check out Fox in The Snow, plus  the model train show with a ride-on Thomas the Tank Engine was in town. Sold. We did it and it went seamlessly. Des slept most of the way there and got in his nap and he perfectly pleasant most of the way home. Fox and the Snow was delightful; its such a beautiful coffee shop. And the train show? Well it was worth the  Thomas which resulted in a melt down because “what?, i can’t just stay on this ride all day?”.  No Des, other parents have waited in line for 45 mins to watch their kids go around in a 30 second circle, so we have to share.

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While I do consider myself part of the winter loving minority, it is a somewhat of a double-edged sword. Why? because it also brings upon me one of my greatest motherhood challenges to date. Keeping a toddler entertained indoors. QT with my little bear is my favorite, but spending the whole day cooped up in the house while your husband works Saturdays is not my favorite. I actually experience guilt if we don’t leave the house. Sooo, I’m really trying my best on the weekends to no stay in my pajamas and do laundry while Desmond switches between playing trains, watching Elmo, eating snacks and getting into trouble because he’s bored. I’ve made some progress in baby steps with outings close to home like the Rainforest, the library and the Rocky River Nature Center. But I need to expand our horizons. I want to be the cool mom that takes my toddler to interesting places and instills a sense of culture early on. But I’m also kind of lazy. So consider this my official challenge to myself to explore something different every weekend. Gotta get out there an actually live the city, not just be in it. Here we go, who’s with me?

Weekends out….

Cleveland Metro Parks Nature Center

Breakfast at Jack Flaps Cleveland

Ok, I guess weekends in don’t look that bad either.

Watching Elmo

Playing Piano Playing with plants Playing_Trains


Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays. Probably because we love food too much. Even though our house is small, we love hosting it. Usually it’s a small group, but this year we had 11 people! To preserve our sanity we had most of the sides catered by Lucky’s Cafe or brought by family. We cooked the turkey and a few other things.  I have to say, however, that I was most proud of my appetizer spread. I wanted to do something more rustic with cheeses and cured meats. We do our Thanksgiving shopping at Whole Foods even though it’s far away. They just have the best selection of decadent food. Especially cheese!! I won’t tell you how much we spent, but let’s just say this spread was indulgent. I break down the components for you below. I also had a lot of fun carving out mini pumpkins left over from Halloween into little vases for the flower centerpieces. In one of my next lives I would love to be a florist! Being surrounded by family that we don’t get to see often made this Thanksgiving an extra special one that I’ll always remember!

Annual Thanksgiving family pose tradition.

Thanksgiving Family Portrait

Turkey garnished with clementines.

Thanksgiving Spread

Runner and hedgehog S+P shakers from Target.

Thanksgiving Table Setting

Pumpkin Flower Centerpeice

Rustic Appetizer Spread

Rustic Appetizer Spread



HOME: Bedroom Redo Inspiration

To say that we are aiming to redo our bedroom isn’t really fair because we never really did it. I mean when moved in we painted the walls to match a comforter that is 5 years old now and not really our style anymore. And we hung some curtains that we are planning to move to the guest room. We did buy an amazing mid-century set of night stands and dressers off Craiglist for a real steal, which is the only thing that would stay. Although I was pushing for a minimalist look with white walls, my husband is a big fan of dark bedroom walls for some reason. Our son’s nursery is a deep blue that he picked out and I do love it. So we agreed on a deep emerald-green shade and went from there. I like how gray and yellow would compliment the wall color without being too loud. A mix of brass and textured accents would make the room feel warm and cozy, which is something it’s really lacking. I’ve been dreaming about brass gumball sconces handing over the night stands. And I love that Minted is now a great source for independent artwork. Me and that beautiful bull…i think we could really be great friends. So, now we have the vision and it’s time to start painting and curating. But first, we have to find the time!

Master Bedroom Inspiration Board

[Sources] Curtains // Bed // Duvet // Sconce // Fur Throw // Basket // Planter // Skull Candle // Bull Print

WEEKEND: Sitting in Chairs

I guess when one finally gets big enough to climb up on a chair, one will continually do so all day long. I didn’t realize this until I noticed that 75% of my pics from the weekend are of Desmond sitting in chairs. Rocking chairs, swivel chairs, arm chairs – he doesn’t discriminate. We did our swiveling in the lobby of the renovated Westin. Wow! What a beautiful hotel. I see an adults only overnight staycation in our future very soon. We rocked at Urban Farmer where we had possibly one the best brunches ever. I mean it. Try the sirloin eggs benedict and the chicken cherry sausage. We got out arm-chair on at home. Crawling on and off is a popular activity in our living room currently and sometimes we fall on our head. Boys will be boys I guess. And that’s what Desmond is now. A little boy. All of a sudden my baby is gone, just like that. But, I’m so excited to watch him blossom into a tiny human and see his personality continue to develop. His brain is a little sponge right now. I was reading him a number book the other night and when I turned the page from 8 his little voice shouted “nine” out of nowhere. What? I’ve never heard you say a number in your life, but you know nine comes after eight. Child, you blow my mind every day.

Urban Farmer Cleveland

Westin ClevelandOh yea, we also stopped at Daddy’s shop. Pour Cleveland Coffee

Pour Over Coffee Cleveland

Do you see my sophisticated book collection in the background? ->  Harry Potter, Twilight & Hunger Games.

Mid Century Modern Arm Chair