AROUND TOWN: The Cleveland Flea

14 Apr

I typically shy away from venturing to unfamiliar places on my own. I don’t like driving somewhere I’ve never been and the possibility of having to parallel park kind of terrifies me. So, I don’t really know what came over me when I decided to go to the Cleveland Flea on Saturday all by my lonesome with the baby. So so glad I did though. We had a wonderful time. So many amazing talented vendors ranging from woodworkers, t-shirt makers, vintage collectors and the list goes on and on. There was a double-wide booth of mid-century modern furniture that had me all googly-eyed. I’m pretty proud of us and our little adventure. It included parking on the street in the East 55th area and changing Desmond’s diaper in the trunk in front of a barb-wired scrap yard. #SoUrban

Fried plantains and ice cream is a perfectly acceptable lunch.

The Cleveland Flea

Ok, who took all the furniture from my dream home and put it at The Flea?

Cleveland Flea

Loved the reggae vibe of this band, 28 North.

The Cleveland Flea

Strangers kept handing me Desmond’s socks.

The Cleveland Flea

My finds. A vintage 60′s tray ($10) and a cow creamer ($8), which I’ve been wanting forever!

Flea Market Finds

OBSESSED: House Plants

11 Apr

You guys. When did house plants become so in? The term house plants used to conjure up a really bad image for me of a sad ugly plant that you get if you are unfortunate enough to end up in the hospital for some reason. Well, thanks a lot Pinterest because now I am house plant bananas. I want to put them on every shelf, in every corner, hanging on the walls. I want succulents and oxtails and a fiddle leaf fig tree. I’m out of control. So far, I’ve only actually pulled together 4 little pots around the kitchen window, but it’s like crack. We are going to Petitti’s this weekend to look for some stuff for the coffee shop, but I have my own agenda. Charlie, brace yourself.

Lowe’s had a semi decent selection of tiny plants to choose from:
Plant Shopping

I got these little pots at Catan’s for like $2.50 each:

House Plants

And here is my dream wishlist of how I’d like to use plants around the house:

Plants hangingplants hangingplant Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree House Plants

[Photo Credits: Fireplace, Hanging Planters, Diamond Planter, Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, Bullet Planter - Urban Outfitter, but Sold Out]

STYLE: Tiny Human Round Up

1 Apr

I’m all geared up to start building out Baby Des’ spring wardrobe. The older he gets, the more jazzed I am about having some fun with his style. When he was just a little blob that sat there, my favorite thing to put him in was a basic onesie. But now the notion of him needing to wear shoes soon means he needs cool clothes to go with his cool shoes. Here are a few of my favorites:

BABY BOY STYLE ROUND UPShorts (GAP); Tank (Etsy); Suspenders (Etsy); Sneaks (Nordstrom); Jacket (Target); Sunglasses (Carter’s); Jeans (H&M)


17 Mar


This guy changes so much day by day. I just watch him in wonderment.

Baby in Stripes

Stripes are the new black.

mid century modern dresser

The lack of decor in our bedroom is not doing our beautiful mid-century modern furniture any Justice. Sigh. Someday soon.

family brunch

Sunday family brunch has become a weekly production of pretty epic proportions.

old fashionds

We’re kind of obsessed with making old fashioneds.

pumping mother

Pumping at a client then pumping in the back seat of a rental mini van filled with co-workers. That happened.

AROUND TOWN: Cleveland Children’s Museum

14 Feb

So since my husband works every Saturday I’ve made it my mission to try to get out of the house with Little Bear. Especially since its winter I feel like having a getting myself dressed and out the door at least once a weekend is good for the soul. Our first outing was the Cleveland Children’s Museum. They have a cute baby area called the Big Red Barn. Desmond had a pretty good time as he kept trying to put every germ infested thing in his mouth. It’s amazing how something so simple can make you feel accomplished. It’s not easy timing plans around naps, getting packed up and out the door. But even when it’s just an hour of doing SOMETHING, it feels AMAZING. I’m definitely keeping this up. Plus, it’s fun to get out there and explore what this great city has to offer!









17 Nov IMG_3211

I had some vacation days to burn and with the impending opening of my husband’s business, we decided to take a little weekend get-a-way. I’ve been wanting to rent a cabin in Hocking Hills for a while now. It’s only a 3 drive from Cleveland so it’s the perfect spot. We rented a little one bedroom cabin through Serenity Cabins and we couldn’t have been more pleased. The cabin was clean, cozy and adorable. We had a great deck, a fire pit area and a hot tub (which we decided not to try out this time). We cooked yummy dinners – which we haven’t had time or energy to do a lot of at home recently. The cabin has no TV or cell phone service so we were completely disconnected. We need to be better about disconnecting more in general. I don’t want the image of me in Desmond’s mind to be the back of my iPhone. While it was time to spend some quality time just the three of us, we did learn a major lesson. Never ever ever go on a trip with out the bouncy chair again. Desmond can only tolerate floor time for so long and he doesn’t want to sit still either. The bouncy chair is our savior at the moment. Oh yea, we also had Kortnee of Kortnee Kate Photography come from Cincy to take some family/6 month photos. Can’t wait to see how they came out!

IMG_3211 IMG_3219 IMG_3231 IMG_3234 IMG_3249 IMG_3240 IMG_3246 IMG_3238 IMG_3259 IMG_3260 Cabin Weekend in Hocking Hills


13 Nov

Better late than never. Halloween just isn’t what it was in college anymore. Getting crazy means cracking open a Pumpking and answering the door for 10 Trick-or-Treaters we got. What is with our street?! Buuuuuut, getting to dress Desmond up as a fat little elephant kinda made up for it.


Baby Elephant




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