Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays. Probably because we love food too much. Even though our house is small, we love hosting it. Usually it’s a small group, but this year we had 11 people! To preserve our sanity we had most of the sides catered by Lucky’s Cafe or brought by family. We cooked the turkey and a few other things.  I have to say, however, that I was most proud of my appetizer spread. I wanted to do something more rustic with cheeses and cured meats. We do our Thanksgiving shopping at Whole Foods even though it’s far away. They just have the best selection of decadent food. Especially cheese!! I won’t tell you how much we spent, but let’s just say this spread was indulgent. I break down the components for you below. I also had a lot of fun carving out mini pumpkins left over from Halloween into little vases for the flower centerpieces. In one of my next lives I would love to be a florist! Being surrounded by family that we don’t get to see often made this Thanksgiving an extra special one that I’ll always remember!

Annual Thanksgiving family pose tradition.

Thanksgiving Family Portrait

Turkey garnished with clementines.

Thanksgiving Spread

Runner and hedgehog S+P shakers from Target.

Thanksgiving Table Setting

Pumpkin Flower Centerpeice

Rustic Appetizer Spread

Rustic Appetizer Spread



HOME: Bedroom Redo Inspiration

To say that we are aiming to redo our bedroom isn’t really fair because we never really did it. I mean when moved in we painted the walls to match a comforter that is 5 years old now and not really our style anymore. And we hung some curtains that we are planning to move to the guest room. We did buy an amazing mid-century set of night stands and dressers off Craiglist for a real steal, which is the only thing that would stay. Although I was pushing for a minimalist look with white walls, my husband is a big fan of dark bedroom walls for some reason. Our son’s nursery is a deep blue that he picked out and I do love it. So we agreed on a deep emerald-green shade and went from there. I like how gray and yellow would compliment the wall color without being too loud. A mix of brass and textured accents would make the room feel warm and cozy, which is something it’s really lacking. I’ve been dreaming about brass gumball sconces handing over the night stands. And I love that Minted is now a great source for independent artwork. Me and that beautiful bull…i think we could really be great friends. So, now we have the vision and it’s time to start painting and curating. But first, we have to find the time!

Master Bedroom Inspiration Board

[Sources] Curtains // Bed // Duvet // Sconce // Fur Throw // Basket // Planter // Skull Candle // Bull Print

WEEKEND: Sitting in Chairs

I guess when one finally gets big enough to climb up on a chair, one will continually do so all day long. I didn’t realize this until I noticed that 75% of my pics from the weekend are of Desmond sitting in chairs. Rocking chairs, swivel chairs, arm chairs – he doesn’t discriminate. We did our swiveling in the lobby of the renovated Westin. Wow! What a beautiful hotel. I see an adults only overnight staycation in our future very soon. We rocked at Urban Farmer where we had possibly one the best brunches ever. I mean it. Try the sirloin eggs benedict and the chicken cherry sausage. We got out arm-chair on at home. Crawling on and off is a popular activity in our living room currently and sometimes we fall on our head. Boys will be boys I guess. And that’s what Desmond is now. A little boy. All of a sudden my baby is gone, just like that. But, I’m so excited to watch him blossom into a tiny human and see his personality continue to develop. His brain is a little sponge right now. I was reading him a number book the other night and when I turned the page from 8 his little voice shouted “nine” out of nowhere. What? I’ve never heard you say a number in your life, but you know nine comes after eight. Child, you blow my mind every day.

Urban Farmer Cleveland

Westin ClevelandOh yea, we also stopped at Daddy’s shop. Pour Cleveland Coffee

Pour Over Coffee Cleveland

Do you see my sophisticated book collection in the background? ->  Harry Potter, Twilight & Hunger Games.

Mid Century Modern Arm Chair

AROUND TOWN: Falling at Platform Brewhouse

The leaves are changing and this family is pumped to be falling it up. An overcast and crisp morning is the perfect day to make visit the hubs at Platform Beer Co‘s Saturday brunch. He’s taking Pour Cleveland on the road every Saturday with a pour-over pop up at Platform. Little Bear was a bit of a menace and insisted on continually running out of the open front door. I ordered him a farm fresh omelet that he took a few bites out of. I was going to get myself some brunch and beer, but his misbehaving forced me into an early exit. On a side note, I ended up feeling really guilty about holding my hunger against him. When we went home he took a 3 hour nap from which I had to wake him. Except he wouldn’t really wake up because he was in an almost 104 fever comma. An ER visit, ear infection diagnosis and some Motrin and antibiotics later, he was himself again. But, man is that scary seeing your baby like that. It was a long day, so thank goodness Charlie brought home two growlers to help us unwind. Hope you’re getting to embrace the first real fall days with less stressful endeavors!


Platform Beer Co., Cleveland

Platform Beer Co.

Platform Beer Co.

Platform Beer Co.

Fall Boots

Platform Beer Co. Growlers


Sunday afternoons can get a little tense at our house after the Browns game if you know what I mean. So, I thought it would be good for us to all get some fresh air and tire little bear out since he was bouncing off the walls. We usually go to Linden Park or Rocky River Park, but I had forgotten about South Mastick Park just past Puritas in the Rocky River Reservation. We had taken a walk there one fall and I completely forgot they had a playground and swings there. Plus its a 3 minute drive from our house. It’s a nice big park with open fields for Des to run around in. After going down the slide about 100 times we ventured down by the river and he was none to pleased that I wouldn’t just let him keep walking right into it. It was overcast, cool and windy, which is kind of my dream day. I can’t wait to take more walks down here when the leaves start to change. It’s officially added into my park rotation.

Little Boy at River

Family at River

Family at River

Family at Park

Little Boy at River

Mom & Son at Park

Rocky River Reservation

Boy’s Fall Round Up Series: Sweatshirts

My favorite season to shop for is fast approaching. FAAAALLLLL! And if you live in Cleveland then it’s already sorta been here on a few random days. To honor the most wonderful time of year, I’ll be doing some style round ups of my fall essentials for tiny humans of the male variety. Starting with….crew neck sweatshirts. I know what you’re thinking – what is this 1993? Like a lot of other fashion from the 90’s, crew neck sweatshirts are back my friends and a lot of fall kids collections are not immune to the outbreak! I love a good whimsical print or fun graphic and these picks do not disappoint! A cool pair of skinny jeans and some sneaks make for an easy and stylish daycare ensemble.

Boys Sweatshirt StyleSources >> 1) Ferm Living 2) Osh Kosh 3) Hugo Loves Tiki 4) Kira Kids 5) Kira Kids


Oh, man this weekend was HOT. And not in the good way, so come at me fall! But, it was still a good one. I ventured out to the flea with my MIL and my brave and beautiful friend with her twin girls. That of course made me realize that no matter what a pain in the butt Des is being, there is still only one of him. Bless her soul! It was so packed and so hot that I didn’t really do any treasure hunting, but we sure did eat a lot. On Sunday we family picnicked it up while Charlie hung out with Lance Bass at the coffee shop. 8th grade me was so jeal.

There was that time a crazy lady insisted on taking this picture because I’m pretty sure she thought we were a family. Let’s thank the Gay Games for that one.
The Cleveland Flea

These girls. I mean, come on!

The Cleveland Flea

The Cleveland Flea

The Cleveland Flea

Hibiscus Bubble Tea from Forty.One.

Almond Milk Bubble Tea at the Cleveland Flea

The Cleveland Flea

 Honeydew Hibiscus Popsicle from Chill Pop Shop (Yea I guess hibiscus is hot right now. PS this popsicle was amazeballs. He ate the whole thing.)

Chillpop Popsicle at the Cleveland Flea

Salted Caramel Peanut Choc Chip Cookie (I think?) from Meringue.

Meringue Bakeshop Cookie at the Cleveland Flea

And we also took the baby pool out for its maiden voyage at the family picnic. It was well received.

Baby Pool

Baby Pool

Baby Pool